About INR Food

How do I scan a barcode?

After finding the bar code on the product, you need to center the barcode in the viewfinder until you hear an audible beep.

Why Can't I scan?

Our scanner was built for the iTouch, iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iPad 2. Unfortunately older devices do not have a camera capable of processing the barcode.

How do I manually enter a barcode?

Barcodes are usually 6, 8, or 12 numbers long. Depending on what type of product it is this could vary. 4) Include the information between the 2 numbers on the side of the barcode. Press search and voila!

How do I search for products?

Type in the product name on the search bar. Be as specific as you can.

How do I search for ingredients?

Type in the ingredient name on the search bar. Be as specific as you can.

I'd like to report a problem or mistake.

Please email us about the issue at support@inrfood.com

I scanned a product barcode but the app doesn't have it yet. What do I do?

Using our handy-dandy add product tool, the missing product will be added to "My Plate". We will also receive a notification of the missing product.

How many products are stored in my history?

Your last 100 products

Where do you get your product information from?

We simultaneity sent one monkey to every grocery store in America to gather product information. If a product is missing, we're sorry it's because a monkey was busy eating a banana. Please email us the details and we'll get another monkey on it right away.

Where do you get your ingredient information from?

Our aforementioned crack team of nutritionists (by day) / superheroes (by night) exhaustingly researched each individual ingredient to filter out the best information available.

Why do some ingredient details say coming soon?

We constantly strive to refine, edit and update our ingredient information to the highest level of integrity. 12) You have probably encountered an ingredient that is in the process of updates. Check back soon, or send us an email if you have any questions.

Why is there a free and paid version of INRFOOD?

We wanted all INRFOOD users to track what they eat. However this is just the beginning. Development costs money and we didn't want to use advertisements. Purchasing the $2.99 version will support us to continue to develop new features.

What do I get for $2.99?

(link to mobile upgrade view)

What is my plate and how does it work? What does it do for me?

We wanted to make sure that our users could track their eating habits. My plate keeps the top 10 ingredients consumed and charts them graphically.

What does your color coding system mean?

  • Red - Avoid / Do Not Eat
  • Yellow – Consume in moderation
  • Green – Safe / May Be Nutritious
  • Purple – Cultural Concern
  • Blue – Medical Concern

I found some missing information!

Release the hounds! Just kidding. Email us a snapshot and we'll get right on it.

Do you store my calorie information?

Not yet. Look for that functionality in future builds.

How are ingredients rated?

Our team of nutritionists banged their heads together, to come up with a highly advanced technical color system.

When will you have a Windows Phone or Android version of the INRFOOD app?

Development costs money, time, and energy. We want to take a bit of a breather after the iPhone app development, but don't worry we're on it. Contact us if you need more info.