• Recall Notifications

    Spinach with E. Coli? Cantaloupe contaminated with listeria? Get real time notifications of recalls.

  • Special Alerts

    Are you vegetarian, diabetic or have an allergy? Our alerts will notify you of any products that may not be specifically suitable for you.

  • Color Coding

    Red, Yellow, and Green aren’t only for traffic lights anymore. INRFOOD makes it easy to determine if a product is safe, should be consumed in moderation, or should be avoided.

  • Nutrition Facts

    INRFOOD makes it easy to understand a nutrition facts label. You can now easily find out what Pantothenic Acid actually is/

  • Food Terms

    Low Fat, Irradiated, Organic, Homogonized milk? Sounds Yummy! Wait no, what do these terms mean? We tell you.

  • Cooking Methods

    Whenever you cook food, magic happens. Learn about this magic when food is cooked in different ways.

  • Shelf Life

    Refrigerating, freezing, or leaving it at room temperatures affects the freshness of food. Select from multiple categories of food to calculate how long food will stay fresh.

  • Did you know?

    As a premium user you get to increase your Jeopardy skills with fun facts and trivia about all kinds of food topics.